When I pumped water from the well this morning, the bronze mannequins danced in the brief glimpse of sunlight, almost hopping and bopping amongst the tall grass in a flurry after the seeds, almost in enjoyment of the sunlight.

Oh to be a bird! With not a care in the world for the mundane, melancholy and madness. The rain is steadily pitter pattering dulling us into the doldrums. It almost seems like one should have webbed feet.

Christmas has come and gone, somehow January and February too. Arting it seems to be non existent at the moment and muses are few,fleeting and far inbetween..

As I sit here and tell myself tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow….



Frogs in the loo!

The African Night brings with it the chorus of toads and frogs, not to mention the few I have found in the loo!!! The rains have come finally and it seems may be here to stay for the next week and hopefully the well can fill and that will be one less worry on my mind! 
The chicken farming goes as chicken farming does! Smells,  with a whole bunch of half grown chicks that look like they come from the prehistoric era. 

Tonight I start a big project of a 10 piece portrait! I love a challenge… With Christmas there is no time for extra work, which I am now dying to do as I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my paper stock, I had forgotten I had so much coloured card! It will have to wait…

Thankfully with all the cool overcast weather and the frogs in the loo it seems my muse found some serenity for now…

The well is Empty!!

It seems one of the wells have dried up! But on a brighter note it at least looks like the rain may have arrived to stay, I hope I have not jinksed it as only tomorrow will tell! At least my leeks are still growing!

On the artistic front I have to give a shout out to all my fans for the overwhelming amount of support they have being giving. My Facebook Page has reached over 200 likes this week, I have sold one pastel drawing and have 19 commissions still in the pipeline! I could not be more happier…

No I lie the slow constant drumming of rain, would be my last wish to please the muse….

It never rains,it pours!

The rain came!! Bringing with it a trail of destruction and in just a few moment it was all gone. 

Our chicks lost the roof to their house in the wind that came before the rain. It was more like a dust storm from the desert. But I am greatful for the small amount of rain that we got as it seems to have topped up the well for now!

My muse is hanging on by a thread as I now have what seems like 21 commissions. So she best not leave like the last time and go on a ten year vacation. 

The heat is unbearable and does not help. It may not sound like I am over the moon with all the commissions but I am!! 

Every bit helps, putting pennies away for my sons education so very happy that I have saved half of his first year of preschool fees.

It is the small things that make you the happiest… 

Waiting for Rain.

Suicide month is upon us and with it my inspiration seems to have evaporated and withered away.

Though I cannot complain I have what now looks like nine commissions for pencil portraits since my last rant, but this last week I had lost my passion and no artist should draw without it. Luckily somewhere in the bottom of my coffee cup perhaps it was rekindled.

    Or maybe it is the promise of rain in the air as the hot October air blows. Promising better things to come, with the smell of those first drops as they quench the dry earth and with it maybe some inspiration…

    Lost in Africa

    I am really not sure why I wanted to put my thoughts to paper, but here I am stuck in the third world trying to tell myself and the world what a starving artist is.

    Or really am I trying to convince myself why I am not pursuing the talent that I have been given. Or maybe it is me trying to find my people, people who struggle with the same indicision, bright ideas that half materialize or never come to fruition.

    You may ask why I say lost in Africa? Having such great subject matter and all. True! I love my home and  I doubt I could live anywhere else, but sometimes it is also a curse. To find art supplies are almost zero to none where I live and yes you can get pencils and paper but I mean real art supplies. Like charcoals, when I was a child my Dad used to make my charcoals. Then you have to think on cost, especially if it has to come from another country.

    So after one problem and another you finally have something to show, the gallery in the country over says your art is not what they after and they want something less realistic, and after two separate exhibitions in two separate countries amongst other artist with no success you start to wonder if you are any good or people approach you asking you to sell your heart and soul that you poured out for next to nothing.

    It leaves one uninspired, where one already battles with staying inspired.